Google Apps: A Full Productivity Suite for the Small Business on the Go

Being a small business owner can be challenging on its own. When it comes to ensuring you have access to all of the productivity software you need, it can be even more difficult to find a competitive deal when you only have a few employees. This is where Google steps up, offering a thorough suite of software products, all for a low per user cost.

productivityProductivity at its Finest

Google Apps covers all of your basic productivity software needs. Easy-to-use Google Docs can meet all of your word processing needs, and, with its web-based design, all without having to install cumbersome software. Google Sheets provides all of the calculating power you would expect in a quality spreadsheet program. Whether it is basic budget tracking, or advanced statistical graphics, Google Sheets can create what you require. For creating quality presentations, Google Slides has you covered, providing all of the text-based or pictorial options one would expect. Google Forms gives you the ability to create custom forms and surveys, great for information gathering before and after the sale. There is even a Google apps promotion code available! Get yours today.

Storing the Data

Your documents, reports, spreadsheets, and presentations will all need a home. All of these items can be maintained in the included cloud-based storage solution, Google Drive. This creates more than just a basic document storage system, as it allows multiple users to access the latest version of the information simultaneously. A team of employees can even work on a single document together, updating and collaborating in real-time.

What About the Web

If you don’t currently have you own domain, Google can connect you to a host partner to help you purchase the one that best represents your business. Google Sites then gives you the ability to create the web-based experience you need. It includes the ability to create a quality experience for your internet-based customers, as well as allows you to share internal information over a custom intranet site. The handy tools allow you to create the websites you desire without having to learn to code.

communicationCommunication is Key

To further communication and collaboration, Google Apps has the tools you need. You can setup email, with email addresses from your own domain, with the included Gmail App. The Google Calendar assists in tracking work activities, both of individual employee appointments and business-wide events.

Control is Critical

The included Admin Console gives you the ability to manage your users effectively and efficiently. You can create new users quickly, and remove them just as simply. It includes the ability to create groups, so work teams can stay connected easily. With a host of optional security controls, you can ensure your company data will remain secure.